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Join Us at Taiwan IC Smart Manufacturing Annual Conference!

Over the past four years, the IoT Smart Manufacturing Base has collaborated with four domestic IC companies, including MediaTek, Realtek, Novatek, and Unisoc, to jointly launch four domestic IC development boards, aiming to lower the threshold for developers. Through cooperation with seed instructors, service teams, and universities, numerous domestic IC development cases have been nurtured, yielding fruitful results. During the opening ceremony, Dr. Lu Zhengqin, Deputy Group Leader of the Industrial Bureau, emphasized Taiwan's strengths in ICT resources, particularly highlighting the superiority of IC technology. He expressed that Taiwan boasts numerous outstanding IC companies, therefore, in AIoT applications, domestic boards and ICs should be utilized as much as possible. This is precisely the original intention of the project: to make good use of Taiwan's excellent resources, especially in the IC industry, active and passive components, and board factories, to provide strong support for AIoT practitioners. In fact, this year, the Smart Manufacturing Base has expanded its cooperation invitation list, including Raydium Electronics (Orthrus series) and various IC manufacturers, to further promote advanced AIoT domestic development solutions. The Smart Manufacturing Base aims to construct a complete technical support system through the technical support of IC companies, the accumulation of seed instructor cases, the efforts of domestic IC manufacturing service teams, and the widespread application of domestic ICs in team products.

However, the number of startups in Taiwan is considerable, but the number of those that can truly succeed is disproportionately low. Most units only provide single services, lacking comprehensive support systems, and cannot go too far. The base has identified this gap and has therefore established physical points in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. By inventorying, converging, and exploring potential creative cases scattered in various incubation centers or Maker Spaces, practical technical value-added services are provided, and Taiwan's semiconductor industry and ICT technology are actively linked to help product developers achieve mass production smoothly. On the other hand, the base also cooperates with the IisC IoT chip integration service center to connect Taiwan's semiconductor, subsystem, design, and production resources, accelerate the development and commercialization of vertically applied innovative products, and strive to build a global innovation practice base. This year, the Smart Manufacturing Base will focus on pushing Taiwan's AIoT smart manufacturing industry chain energy towards the international market, and has initiated negotiations and cooperation with multiple Japanese units since last year. This year, it will further accelerate its promotion, internally rallying innovative product developers and service teams interested in expanding overseas markets, and externally contacting overseas innovative incubation institutions to promote Taiwan's smart manufacturing energy Inside-Out and overseas smart manufacturing demand Outside-In.

Last year, the base, in the fields of health care, smart cities, industrial transformation, and smart agriculture, through demand interviews, helped business owners identify market gaps, successfully matched appropriate smart products, and assisted business owners in building intelligent service blueprints, further expanding the scope of cooperation, inviting business owners in the fields of smart medical electronics, sports technology, and smart living to join forces to complete the blueprint for smart manufacturing transformation.


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