Meet Terasilic at Electronica 2022

Terasilic, a leading 24GHz mmWave radar solution provider, will display its latest solutions and products at the Electronica 2022. Terasilic will reveal its latest solution of bike RCW(Rear Collision Warning) radar, CPD (Child Presence Detection) radar, dashcam radar and motion detection radar for home security.

Computex is a major trade fair for electronics in the world which schedules to take place between Nov. 15–18, 2022 in München.

Bike RCW Radar

Rear-end collisions cause a huge number of cyclist deaths. It is around 40% of cyclist fatalities. That’s why TeraSilic created the radar-based Rear Collision Warning (RCW) Solution to help prevent rear-end collisions.

TeraSilic 24GHz Orthrus RFIC is a 24GHz CMOS radar transceiver for signal generation and reception. Based on TeraSilic’s patented “Quadrature receiver structure”, the CMOS processed has both higher integration level and better performance comparing with its SiGe processed competitors.

TeraSilic mmWave Radar Sensor is ultra-low power consumption (Ref: 100mW@16Hz/2.5V base on TeraSilic MCU (2.5mA/Hz @2.5V)). It can also reduce the whole system power consumption by integrating with the light system and surveillance system of bike. The radar sensor can trigger light or camera from sleeping mode to working mode.

TeraSilic provides not only the RF IC but also Antenna Design and Algorithm. It is flexible and very easy to implement the solution into the bike system. After integrating with bike computer or app, it can not only alert you the car approaching behind the bike from 0.3 to 140 m but also the data of the distance, velocity and angle.

CPD Radar

CPD(Child presence detection) radar is designed to prevent the hot car incidents that have claimed thousands of lives. The 2D presence detection of Terasilic 24GHz radar solution is aiming to the aftermarket, providing CPD capability for the dashcams or car baby seat.

Dashcam Radar

Terasilic 24GHz radar solution for dashcam was designed for the parking mode which is often refer to as "Sentry mode". It's designed to detect through the windshield with low power consumption when your car is parked.

Security Radar

Terasilic 24GHz security radar solution provides motion detection, distance detection , position detection for the home security camera. Combined camera's video analytics, it provides 3 dimensional motion detection compared to PIR sensor.