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Meet Terasilic at electronica Munich

Terasilic recently participated in the 2022 Electronics Exhibition in Munich, Germany, showcasing indoor and outdoor human intelligent detection solutions based on 24GHz millimeter-wave radar technology. As one of the few IC design companies capable of providing miniaturized millimeter-wave radar chips globally, Terasilic currently offers corresponding solutions for various millimeter-wave applications. These applications range from common parking sensing, tailgate opening sensing, and ADAS applications to IoT-based gesture recognition, environmental recognition, environmental sensing, and even vital sign sensing. The wide range of applications for millimeter-wave radar chips enables manufacturers to address issues such as the susceptibility to misjudgment or insufficient accuracy of traditional detection technologies (such as infrared and ultrasonic).

With the continuous advancement of technology, there is a growing demand for intelligent living. In this trend, indoor and outdoor human intelligent detection technology has become a focus of attention in many industries. Millimeter-wave radar technology, with its advantages of high accuracy, penetration, and immunity to weather and lighting conditions, is widely used in security monitoring, smart homes, intelligent transportation, and other fields. As one of the industry leaders, Terasilic continues to explore and innovate, providing customers with more reliable and advanced solutions.

In addition to showcasing product technologies, Terasilic actively participates in international technical exchanges and collaborations. By participating in international events such as electronics exhibitions, they engage in in-depth exchanges with global peers, expand cooperation channels, and strengthen industry collaboration. This international cooperation not only promotes the application and development of millimeter-wave radar technology but also advances the popularization and improvement of intelligent living worldwide.

In the future, with continuous technological innovation and advancement, Terasilic is expected to continue to lead in the field of millimeter-wave radar technology, providing customers with high-quality, intelligent products and services. Together, we can drive the development of intelligent technology and achieve a better life.


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