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Terasilic at Taipei Computex 2023

Terasilic recently participated in Taipei 2023 Computex, showcasing indoor products such as air conditioners and TVs, along with their related applications of radar technology. This innovative application enables household products to achieve energy-saving and carbon reduction goals while also enhancing precision in human intelligent detection.

As one of the few IC design companies globally capable of providing miniaturized millimeter-wave radar chips, Terasilic is at the forefront of revolutionizing indoor product applications. Their solutions cater to various needs, from traditional functions like parking sensing and tailgate opening to advanced applications like IoT-based gesture recognition and environmental sensing. Moreover, these radar chips address the limitations of conventional detection technologies such as infrared and ultrasonic sensors, which are prone to misjudgment and lack accuracy.

With the increasing demand for intelligent living, there is a growing emphasis on the development of technologies that enhance convenience, efficiency, and sustainability. Millimeter-wave radar technology, with its high accuracy, penetration capability, and weather/lighting immunity, has become indispensable in achieving these goals. By integrating radar technology into household appliances like air conditioners and TVs, Terasilic is contributing to a greener and smarter living environment.

Apart from showcasing their innovative products, Terasilic actively engages in international technical exchanges and collaborations to further advance radar technology applications. By participating in events like Taipei 2023 Computex, they seek to foster deeper cooperation with global peers, expand collaboration opportunities, and drive industry advancements. Through these international collaborations, the widespread adoption of radar technology in indoor products can be accelerated, leading to more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and intelligent living solutions.

Looking ahead, Terasilic is committed to maintaining its leadership in millimeter-wave radar technology and providing customers with high-quality, intelligent products and services. By leveraging radar technology's capabilities, they aim to continue driving innovation in indoor product applications, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and intelligent future.


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