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Terasilic offers a comprehensive series of radar sensor products that integrate RF IC and radar signal processor, providing a complete design that meets customers' needs for plug-and-play and easy implementation. Featuring a compact design, the SenseBoost12-PH12 is a 1-transmitter and 2-receiver radar sensor that can be easily integrated into products where space is limited. This sensor has the ability to accurately detect the distance, angle, speed, and moving direction of objects.


  • Using TS24GTR12S-P highly integrated 24GHz radar MMIC and TS32F401CBU7 radar signal processor 

  • ​1 transmitter, 2 receivers

  • Antenna pattern(-10dB) : azimuth:140⁰, elevation: 70⁰ 

  • Module size : 15.00mm*32.00mm

  • Detects the distance,  velocity, angle and moving direction of an object



  • Home surveillance camera

  • Video doorbell

  • Automatic door

  • 2-D human presence detection

  • ​Smart home appliances

  • HVAC

  • ​Smart building

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