About Us

TeraSilIC has devoted to be your reliable partner for millimeter-wave integrated system solutions. Through the most advanced CMOS manufacturing process, TeraSilIC’s mmWave transceiver products achieve the highest integration level among all competitors’ 24GHz products. We also provide multi-chip packages, sensor and module design solutions using our fully integrated CMOS transceivers that deliver unparalleled performance.​

Partnered with Universal Microwave Technology, TeraSilIC provides customers with a one-stop, seamless service of custom mmWave system integration and design service. The simulation, design, and production capability covers from nanoscale circuit systems to various large antenna arrays. 

Product and Services
mmWave IC Design

Our mmWave transceivers and multi-chip packages are designed for reliable high volume production while keeping unparalleled performance and advanced features.

Module Design


Our versatile mmWave sensor solutions incorporate advanced algorithms that seamlessly fuse multiple sensing modes to achieve intelligent sensing capabilities.

Customized Services

We provide best-in-class design services for high performance and cost-effective mmWave integrated solutions.