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The TS24GTR12S-P is a trailblazing 24GHz radar transceiver chip that utilizes a full CMOS process and features 1 transmitter and 2 receivers. Built with Terasilic's patented quadrature receiver technology, this chip boasts high integration and top-notch performance that rivals those of transceiver chips manufactured by SiGe processes.


  • CMOS processed 24GHz transceiver

  • 1 channel TX, 2 channel RX

  • Built-in PLL ( with chirp generation )

  • Built-in HPFx2

  • Built-in LPFx1

  • Built-in programmable gain amplifier

  • Single-ended RF input and IF output

  • Standby mode for ultra-low power consumption 

  • DC offset calibration function​

  • Small footprint

  • Fully integrated low phase noise VCO

  • Built-in temperature compensation circuit for VCO stabilization

  • Built-in Power Sensor

  • Frequency divider

  • Low power consumption

  • Fully ESD protected device

  • Single supply voltage 2.5V

  • Low SSB noise figure: 8dB

  • High conversion gain: 32dB

  • High PA output :  +14dBm

  • QFN-32 plastic package


  • Video doorbell

  • Home surveillance camera

  • 2-D Human presence detection

  • Smart home appliances

  • HVAC

  • ​Smart building

  • Laptop computer

  • ​TV

  • Bike radar 

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